Aiwa Beta VCR Gallery


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Aiwa did put out a few Beta VCRS during the mid 1980s. There are two known models. Aiwa name there Beta VCRS the Avimax. Like Sanyo Uses Betacord, and Zenith uses "The Video Director". Also like the Sanyo Betacord and VHS VCRS the tape loads and doesn't thread the tape around the heads, though after stopped from play mode the tape stays around the heads for a quicker start up for play mode again. FF, Rew and eject the tape unthreads.





Note: Not all models have been added yet. Galleries are still being updated little at a time.

List goes by the manufacturer year.






Aiwa Beta VCR Model AV-50M / Hi-Fi Adaptor Model SV-50MU






Aiwa Beta Hi-FI VCR Model AV-70M