Frequently Asked Questions


Purpose for this Website: To join collectors around the world to a community. Also to preserve the format as it's obsolete. To keep the format from being forgotten. I have decided to build a community interested in the Beta format. Also an online source of history and information on the Beta format.


I have a Betamax with Problems, How can I fix it: I'm no technician, I don't know too much on how to fix electronics, other then knowing what to replace. The most common parts to go bad in VCRS are the rubber belts and tires. kits for certain model VCRS can be purchased at Post on the forums and someone may be able to help you, or be able to repair your Beta VCR.


Can you Transfer My Beta Video Tapes To DVD: I'm no transfer service, there are plenty on the internet, and possibly users on the forums, Post on the forums, and someone may assist you.


Is there any kind of collector value in Beta VCRS: Yes, quite a few people collect vintage electronics from the 70s and 80s era, and quite a few people collect Beta VCRS. Some VCRS can sell for $20 or less depending on the condition, and some can range into the thousands. Mostly high end or rare models can be expensive. $5 to $300 is what they usually sell for on Ebay