Marantz Beta VCR Model VR-200


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Vintage Marantz Beta VCR Model VR-200


Marantz Beta VCR VR-200 Information


Marantz Beta VCR model VR-200. From 1982. Price was $1,295. Sanyo made VCR, very similar to the Sanyo's top loaders. This one offered two track liner stereo, tuner is mono. The only stereo Beta VCR without Hi-Fi. Various of VHS manufactures did put out quite a few VHS VCRS that were stereo without Hi-Fi. If you come across one of these, more than likely the belts will need to be replaced. Bad, dried out belts will result weak, fast forward/rewind, weak or no rew search in play mode, eating tapes, problems at times loading tapes.