Sony Betamax Model LV-1901

Color TV Console


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Vintage Sony Color TV Console LV-1901 With Sony SL-6200 Betamax VTR


Sony Betamax LV-1901 Console Information




Sony Color TV Console LV-1901. Introduced in May 10th of 1975 with a price tag of $2,495. The first Betamax VCR ever. Included a 19" Sony Trinitron TV plus an SL-6200 X-1 only Betamax in a beautiful teakwood cabinet. Had a built-in 24-hour timer, a second TV tuner, and a camera input. It is said that this unit started home video. Sales of the LV-1901 suffered for the same reason as sales of the earlier Cartrivision system. The integrated TV meant purchasers either got redundant televisions, or had to dispose of their existing TV. Sony fixed this problem a few months later with the introduction of the stand-alone SL-7200.


Common defects: