Sony Betamax Model SL-2405


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Vintage Sony Betamax VTR Model SL-2405


Sony Betamax SL-2405 Information


Sony Betamax SL-2405. From the year 1984. Sold for $650. The first of the slim line E-Z Betamax VCRS. Strip down with no special features. Features, 3-day, 1-event programming, wireless remote function, analog counter with reset, records in both Beta II and III speeds, 14 button tuner, front audio/video inputs, and clock display. Brown in color, wireless remote version of the SL-2305, with a wireless remote. These units were flying off the selves back then, simple and cheaper models.



Common defects:


Tracking problems with fluttery audio. This is due to some Capacitors going bad.