Sony Betamax Model SL-2700


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Vintage Sony Betamax VTR Model SL-2700


Sony Betamax SL-2700 Information


Sony Betamax Hi-Fi VCR model SL-2700. Introduced in 1984 with a price tag of $1500. The Second Sony Betamax Hi-Fi VCR. Pretty much the Same Chassis and physical appearance as the Sony Betamax SL-2500. This Betamax has most of the same features as the SL-2500, frame by frame, slow motion also x1 x2 speeds, these features are called swing search and can be done in forward and reverse. Index to mark tapes etc. Pause, slow motion features on this VCR are very stable, a still picture with no noise. Unit has two different doors, when tape is loaded the "Cassette is inside Betamax" door comes up. The SL-2500 and SL-2700 Betamax recorders were the only VCRS to have two different doors. Very modern VCR for it's time. This VCR Also has a 10 minute on board battery backup incase of a power surge, this was good for keeping the programmed recording events, and the time.



Common defects:


Tape Loading Problem: This is caused by the little plastic gears wearing. Sony switch them to metal. Technicians used to see these VCRS pretty common back in the 1980s and 90s, due to this problem.