Sony Super Betamax Model SL-HF1000


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Vintage Sony Super Betamax VTR Model SL-HF1000


Sony Betamax SL-HF1000 Information



Sony Super Betamax SL-HF1000. From the year 1986. Sold for $1,700. Considered to be the #1, all-time BEST Betamax ever made!  The list of features is endless. 4 heads, 21-day, 8-event programming, 181-channel cable-ready stereo tuner; jog/shuttle wheel on the unit as well as on the remote, new B-I Super High Band 6.0 mhz record mode, Time Search, Black Screen; EE mode (which lets you view a momentary live picture during tape playback!), 8-segment Automatic Assemble Editing (when used with two SL-HF1000's), true insert video editing using two flying erase heads, audio dubbing; full on-screen display showing hours/min./sec./frames, as well as a monthly calendar for setting the timer; a built-in character generator with 4 font sizes, 8-page memory, complete alpha-numeric alphabet and two backgrounds (plain white letters or white letters against a black background), 19-segment indexing, Time Search feature on the remote (lets you search for an exact spot using hours and minutes), Time Remaining Indicator (you set the tape length for L500, L750, L830 tape), mike input, headphone jack w/volume control, and an EJECT button on the remote.