Sony Super Betamax Model SL-HF400


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Vintage Sony Super Betamax VTR Model SL-HF400


Sony Betamax SL-HF400 Information


Sony Super Betamax Hi-Fi VCR model SL-HF400. Introduced in 1985 with a price tag of $800. First of the Super Betamax VCRS, which offered increased video resolution. Records and plays BII and BIII, plays BI. Features Stereo-broadcast reception (MTS) with built-in decoder, Freeze-frame to stop the action, Micro-timing-phase (TP) circuitry for noise free transitions between edited scenes. 7-day/6-event programmable timer, for automatic recording plus Quick-timer button for extra convenience plus arrows showing tape movement and direction. 7-day, 6-event timer. Was offered in Black and Silver colors.




Black Model



Silver Model