Sony Super Betamax Model SL-HF750


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Vintage Sony Super Betamax VTR Model SL-HF750


Sony Betamax SL-HF750 Information



Sony Super Betamax SL-HF750. From the year 1986. Sold for $1,300. 21-day, 8-event programming. Introduced B-I recoding in SuperBeta with great picture quality. Has unusual "linear skate cassette loading" mechanism that loaded a cassette like a CD, frame-by-frame and slo-mo in forward and reverse, 4 heads. First Betamax to have a limited on-screen display; recorded and played back all 3 Beta speeds in SuperBeta, BI, BII, and BIII. Has edit switch to improve picture quality when dubbing tapes, Electronic Tab Marker Indexing for marking and retrieving up to 15 points on one cassette, and even has a locking Betascan on the machine! The remote control had all this, plus a jog/shuttle wheel for precise frame editing.