Sony Super Betamax Model SL-HF870D


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Vintage Sony Super Betamax VTR Model SL-HF870D


Sony Betamax SL-HF870D Information



Sony Super Betamax SL-HF870D. From the year 1988. Successor to the SL-HF860D, with a Tape Stabilizer System and wooden rosewood sides. Features, 7-day, 6-event programming, crystal clear slow motion, MTS broadcast reception, Hi-Fi stereo sound and recording, 10-key direct access wirless remote, cable compatible express tuning (151 channel), synchro-edit switch, digital zoom, picture in picture, digital scan, digital slow motion, stop motion, flash motion, digital recall, mosaic art, picture art, front audio/video inputs, front display which displays clock, counter and more, right/left VU meters, right left record level controls.