Sony Super Betamax Model SL-HF900


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Vintage Sony Super Betamax VTR Model SL-HF900


Sony Betamax SL-HF900 Information



Sony Super Betamax SL-HF900. From the year 1986. Sold for $1,500. The biggest selling Betamax VCR of all. A great machine for its day, and the top-end SuperBeta for 1985. Has 4 video heads, crystal-clear variable-speed playback, jog/shuttle wheel, pseudo video insert editing, audio dub, 21-day, 8-event timer, Electronic Tab Marker indexing (up to 9 segments on one tape), regular and slo-motion tracking controls, headphone jack with volume control, mic input. Also had little-known "animation record" feature, where you can record one frame at a time.