Sears Betavision Gallery


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The line of Sears Beta VCRS are Sanyo made. Sears named their Beta VCRS Betavision. Sears also had a few Toshiba made Beta VCRS out as well. Sanyo made models, When the tape is loaded, much like VHS, tape did not thread around the head. During rewind and Fast forward there is no tape to head contact, which means less head wear during use. Tape threaded once play or record is pressed, which gives a slight delay in action. Sears disc continued Beta in 1985.



Note: Not all models have been added yet. Galleries are still being updated little at a time.

List goes by the manufacturer year.





Sears Betavision VCR Model 564.53055050















Sears Betavision VCR Model 562.53440250





Sears Betavision VCR Model 564.53091450 SR1000 Series





Sears Betavision VCR Model 564.53410450 Series