Sony Betamax Model SL-2710


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Vintage Sony Betamax VTR Model SL-2710


Sony Betamax SL-2710 Information



Sony Betamax Hi-Fi model SL-2710. From the year 1984. Sold for $1,300. Replaced the SL-2700. Hi-Fi version of the first of the slim line E-Z Betamax, SL-2300, and SL-2400 series chassis. Features, events timer, cable ready tuner, tape window, headphones output jack with volume control, full front display which includes, clock, channel, counter, both Right/Left VU meters display, and much more. This one doesn't have all the features the SL-2700 has. Doesn't have all the slo-mo features. Less problematic Betamax VCR of those times. Great VCR!