Sony Betamax Model SL-5200


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Vintage Sony Betamax VTR Model SL-5200


Sony Betamax SL-5200 Information


The Sony Betamax SL-5200 was the First Hi-Fi VCR ever. Introduced in June of 1983 and sold for $900. Offers near CD quality stereo audio, a vast improvement over the 2-track linear stereo available on Sony’s Japanese Beta units. Pretty much the same chassis and physical appearance as the SL-5000. Has 3-day, 1-event programming. Big heavy clunkers. As the new line of Front loading VCRS just begun, they still used a lot of the same mechanical parts as the top loader VCRS did, before Sony started making them more compacted and less heavy, which started after the 5000 series VCRS, also these were the only line of beta VCRS to load the tape on the right. VHS however, in the mid to late 1980s, some manufacturers did come out with a line of VCRS that loaded the tape long ways on the right. This model was sold including a Hi-Fi demonstration tape. Whenever you hear the words "Hi-Fi VCR" this VCR was the beginning. The

SL-5000 series Betamax VCRS do not have automatic Rewind at end of tape, unlike the previous models and the models after these. These were considered stripped down compared to previous models. No special features, How ever this one does have the playback in x2 speed without voice speed up. These units have defects. To get these going again you will need to replace the blue Sanyo electrolytic capacitors on the service board, if they haven't been replaced already. Capacitors can be purchased at Most likely the belts will need to be replaced. Belt kits are available at



Common defects:


Bad Sanyo Blue Electrolytic Capacitors Results: Off speed playback and record. Unstable audio (Fluttery) Lines in picture, or no picture with fuzz.


Bad Belts Results: Ejects tape seconds after inserted. Weak rewind/fast forward.


Sony Made a industrial version of this VCR: Sony Betamax SLO-1400