Sony Betamax Model SLO-1400


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Vintage Sony Betamax VTR Model SLO-1400


Sony Betamax SLO-1400 Information


Same as the Sony Betamax model SL-5200. Industrial version, mainly used as a duplicator. This VCR is ultra rare, hardly every seen on the used market. These units have defects. To get these going again you will need to replace the blue Sanyo electrolytic capacitors on the service board, if they haven't been replaced already. Capacitors can be purchased at Most likely the belts will need to be replaced. Belt kits are available at



Common defects:


Bad Sanyo Blue Electrolytic Capacitors Results: Off speed playback and record. Unstable audio (Fluttery) Lines in picture, or no picture with fuzz.


Bad Belts Results: Ejects tape seconds after inserted. Weak rewind/fast forward.