Toshiba Beta VCR Model V-S36


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Vintage Toshiba Beta VCR Model V-S36


Toshiba Beta VCR V-S36 Information



Toshiba Beta Hi-Fi VCR model V-S36. From 1983. Price was $1150. Very similar to the V-M32. This unit is loaded with high end features. This model features, 4 heads,14-day, 8-event timer, wireless remote, cable-ready, variable-speed slo-mo, and cue and review function buttons that were actually locking Scan buttons. Had a pseudo-linear time counter that only worked in play or record - reverted back to 4 numbers when in FF or REW, front display which displays tuner channels, and clock, and a separate display for the counter. Has a dew indicator which detects moister in the machine, and shuts down mechanically if moister is present. This machine also Records in both BII and BIII speeds.